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Watchtower, 2013

Watch-Tower, 2013, wood, ink, aluminum basins, 380 cm height

Watchtower is a wooden construction that resembles a life -size watchtower. The work was made in reference to the way watchtowers are used in order to control space and therefore horizon and territory. It is slightly smaller in size with no means of standing or having access to the top because the ladder is missing. The four legs are placed into four aluminum basins filled with ink. The ink is absorbed gradually by the wood which in turns acquires a tint that varies from grey to black. The basins filled with ink undermine the weight and stability of the construction which seems to float. 
Since the perception of the horizon is related to the position of the viewer, Watchtower aims to comment on such mechanisms of territorial control and therefore to social, political and economical framework. However, because of its uselessness it becomes obsolete.
In the Silence exhibition the work was installed in opposition to the video Silence where the artist is represented in a downward movement. 

Watch-Tower, 2013, installation view of the solo exhibition Silence at Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athens


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