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Supermina is a non-profit artists’ collective (Kostas Bassanos, Maro Michalakakos and Nina Papaconstantinou) that has emerged from two group shows in Athens, Atropa Vanitas in 2007 and The Island in 2008. Since then Supermina has curated two shows: Nithwatch in 2010 and Forgetmenot in February 2012.

Supermina is interested in what determines and differentiates human attitude in terms of cultural, social and political state of affairs.
Within this context, we aim to produce group shows in close collaboration with participating artists and to build an open platform for collaborative projects that engage and promote diverse cultural backgrounds.

Supermina has no exhibition space as such; thus the shows produced
are presented in various sites around Athens.

September 2009




©2009, Supermina(Kostas Bassanos, Maro Michalakakou, Nina Papaconstantinou)